Biomimicry SF workshop tour

12-28 April, 2017

For only two weeks, 12-28 April 2017, two guest facilitators, world-reknowned sustainability experts, innovation consultants and biologists, Leen Gorissen, PhD (from Belgium) & Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker (from San Diego), will provide workshops and presentations with Systemic Innovation founder, Yeshua Adonai, throughout the San Francisco Bay area. We have a variety of public and private events scheduled with groups to include social entrepreneurial networks, corporate CEO innovation programs, and organizational development professionals. We are introducing nature's proven strategies for building evolving adaptive organizations by learning from superorganisms.

These thought-provoking events leave participants thinking differently about organizational development and innovation. For 3.8 billions of years, nature has honed a set of deep principles for thriving in resource-constrained and ever-changing conditions. Of special interest are the ultra-social “superorganisms” –– ant and honeybee colonies, and underground fungal networks –– which function as diverse yet tightly cooperative units. These ancient societies effectively sense changing conditions and mobilize response, and are some of Earth’s most successful organizations as a result. Come learn about the simple set of time-tested deep principles they rely on, and how to implement these proven models of evolutionary success in your own organization.

To receive immediate examples how to design your organization like nature we recommend preordering Dr. Tamsin's book: Teeming: How Superorganisms Work to Build Infinite Wealth in a Finite World. Provide Dr.Tamsin your receipt and she will provide you with a PDF, The Mycelial Way, a practical guide for organizations to organize like nature. Check out a sample: Mycelial Way summary PDF

REGISTER for our two public events co-hosted with Impact Hub Oakland; (1) an evening keynote & (2) an immersive full day workshop on Earth Day [details below]. Additionally, book your complementary 90 minute private presentation, or paid half/full day engaging private workshop for your organization.

Impact Hub Oakland public events:

***Contact for more information or to set up a workshop for your own organization.