Chris Lopez


Chris brings nearly a decade of experience in the field of ecological design and education. He is an educator, applied ecologist and storyteller.

After nearly a decade of working with non- profit organizations, local government agencies, businesses, developers, engineers and homeowners to address environmental problems at the level of design and installation, Chris realized that the core issues he was attempting to address were not of a design nature, but instead arose from a broken relationship between people and the living world, and thus psychological and cultural. After this realization, Chris has worked to integrate both developmental work, naturalist skills, living systems thinking, and ecological design to assist clients in reconnecting to their senses, unique places, and the living patterns of our world, thus shifting the mind from one of fragmentation and separation, to one of co-evolution and interbeing.

This reconnection creates a new platform of right relationship, creativity and will for the benefit and evolution of all living systems. He lives with his family in the Sacramento area.