Systemic Innovation methodology is threaded through all our offerings. We are result driven. We believe a good measure of success is increased performance. Ensuring financial profit is covered, we expand value into other forms of capital. In all we do we build evolutionary capability with individuals, teams, organizations, and communities; reconnecting people with their inner and outer nature.

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We are devoted to supporting leaders create meaningful impact in the world. We live in a complex world with challenges

Mindfulness, shift mindsets, make thinking clear & explicit, nature reconnection catalyst.






Systemic Innovation is a consultancy agency devoted to empowering pioneering leaders to create living adaptive organizations with meaningful social impact. Our work builds new capacity within our partners as they endeavor to design and implement a regenerative world. Our organizational development methodology leverages the most innovative technologies for shifting systems using regenerative development, biomimicry, whole systems thinking, permaculture, and developmental psychology. As interdisciplinary social architects, we create conditions for the emergence of thriving collaborative communities.

We are nature reconnection catalysts focused on realignment with our inner and outer nature. Our progressive systemic frameworks and developmental processes make thinking clear and explicit. We think outside to learn how to design in harmony with all life and emulate deep strategies found in nature to create thriving healthy systems. Our solutions emulate the brilliant beautiful design of Nature - efficient, adaptive, resilient, emergent, decentralized, self-organized, zero-waste, diverse, and regenerative. To cultivate innovation we connect ideas, resources, and people; we solve old problems in new ways. We evolve dynamic thinking and facilitate expanded potential.



Regenerative Development & Design introduces dynamic systemic frameworks and developmental processes that make our thinking clear and explicit, that build a field of caring, will, and deep resonance within ourselves, our teams and stakeholders. It works from potential, not problems. It seeks to produce alignment of purpose, and a value adding role in enabling systemic potential. It seeks to understand place, deeply, and align our endeavors with the unique characteristics, qualities, and communities in which our projects are carried out, uplifting them, and creating the capacity for new ableness and systemic evolution. It shifts the focus from delivering “stuff”, products and services in and of themselves, to a focus on processes, new ableness, and evolutionary potential in ourselves, teams, clients, and fields of endeavor that our projects, products and services can enable.

    In this regard, a project’s success is based on creating new vitality, viability, creativity, collective will, and new value adding capabilities. It calls forth a collective vocation that acts as both a pole star and touchstone to guide our work in more mindful ways as well as unify and make explicit the directive force and calling that unifies individuals, teams, communities and stakeholders around unified values and goals.

    Beyond achieving immediate goals, Regenerative Development focuses on bringing together that which is needed to sustain the ongoing enrichment of potential. This work is called co evolving mutualism. Co evolving mutualism enables regeneration beyond the “completion” of a project by creating stakeholder systems that work to simultaneously grow the regenerative capability of a place and of its inhabitants. We use the concept of guilds, a pattern of relationships found in nature, as a model for creating these systems.