Yeshua Adonai


As an executive coach, living systems educator and serial entrepreneur, I empower leaders to evolve their lives and organizations by accessing one of our most precious resources: under-utilized potential.

I use my diverse experience within business, government, and environmental sectors to actualize human and organizational potential for the highest benefit of all. My interdisciplinary background includes experience as a U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant, U.S. Department of State diplomat, musician, movement builder, conference host, and founder of social ventures and non-profits. Together with key thought leaders, I am helping to pioneer a new field at the leading edge of social innovation integrating biomimicry, regenerative development, and mindfulness. Iā€™m an ongoing active student of how we can optimize the potential of the systems we inhabit.

After 15 years of international work and travel, I have decided to make San Francisco home. I steward a local community of Regenerative Development practitioners committed to developing themselves, their organizations, and the Bay Area as a whole. I'm a vegetarian, lifelong autodidact, meditation practitioner, enjoy outdoors activities, and work from my home office in the Redwood forest of Mill Valley.